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Pool Exhibitions by World's Best Jump Shooter - JUMP SHOT ROCK. Rocky has put together a very Spectacular show and it is  very entertaining  which lasts for about 45 minutesBilliard Entertainer
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Dec 07 - HK Pool Marathon - $10,000


Rocky Lane, Book of World Records Holder–Undefeated, seen above receiving his envelope with $10,000 cash, and 1st Place Certificate, from Tournament Director, Mr. Len Kerr, at Hong Kong on 11 Dec 2007.

New Zealand Pool Player, Mr. Rocky Lane, referred to as a “Billiard Legend” at successfully defended his by-annual title at a race to 250 Rack Marathon at an invitational tournament,  conducted at Hong Kong. Competitors had 50 hours in a ‘Winner Stay Rotational’ system to win 250 Nine Ball Racks.

The Marathon officially kicked off on December 03, 2007 with competitors doing 6 hour nights on Mondays to Wednesdays until either 50 hours or 250 racks had been reached.

The USA (Hawaii) player Mr. On’e Tovo kept on Rocky’s Tail all the way through the Marathon, with the Hong Kong Player, Mr. See-fu Lau, not too far behind him. A number of younger players, dropped out of  this stamina testing feat, but our 58 year old, Rocky Lane, held his ground,  pounding out those Racks, one after the other until he finally hit the Jackpot, by over shooting his 250  budget,  with 255 Racks, won within 44 hours. Mr. Tovo came in as first runner up with 200 racks and Mr. Lau, won 143 racks as the 2nd runner up. Lane thinking that the 2007 season had finished, received a call from his sponsors to compete at  the Windy City Opens at Minnesota and the Derby City Opens at Kentucky USA, in January 2008, both of which, pay a total prize purse of US$500,000 each. Lane says, “Its time to do a bit more work on the table, as I need to prepare for these major events”.

Story by; Brent Harrison