July 01, 2017

Macau RLC Online Entry
Invitation to Rocky Lane Cup (RLC) 2017, Macau

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Mr. Harbison (left) Chairman for the Title Sponsors, traveled from Europe specially to Crown the new 2016 Macau Number One, 9 Ball Champion, Mr. Peter Chen (Right). The door is now open, with herein online applications,  for Macau Pool Players to challenge Mr. Chen's title at the 2017 event of the Rocky Lane 9 ball Cup (RLC), Macau's most elite  Annual Pool Competition, this year offering a total prize purse of MOP 50,000.00. Its only MOP 500. to enter. Be first in, by clicking above to get your online application submitted NOW ! 


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ONLY USD$25.00 each
Includes postage and packaging.

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Pool From Beginner to Champion DVD

We are very proud to announce the very popular release of Rocky Lane's amazing new instructional DVD movie entitled "POOL From Beginner to Champion".

Order this 37 minute instructional DVD and
get the "How to do it", done in low motion
for you, and get a head start in the game.

World Record Holder 2005
Done in Auckland, New Zealand. 
Evidence taken by TV3 - New Zealand.

Pool Exhibitions by World's Best Jump Shooter - JUMP SHOT ROCK. Rocky has put together a very Spectacular show and it is  very entertaining  which lasts for about 45 minutesBilliard Entertainer
Pub Entertainment
Club Entertainment.
Professional Pool Player
fastest Jump shooter
Worlds fastest
The Worlds best
Jump shooting
World Record Champion Pool player
office Function entertainment


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No.1 - Rocky's first World Record in 2005 - done on National TV  (click here)
No.2 - Rocky's second World Record in 2013 - done on National TV  (click here)